Keep It Real

My name's Mickey, I like vodka and 5SOS


this is a disgusting photo but I don’t even care
this is from my trek across the beach with my camera etc etc
the background is pretty okay


what if 911 called you

But how the hell do you expect me to fall asleep when my pillow isn’t as comfortable as your chest.  (via sassafrasy)


i like how i’m not even remotely phased by anyone’s url anymore like oh look at this adorable kitten that satansbloodsacrifice reblogged from 1d-lives-inside-my-actual-vagina


you don’t understand how hard it is to take a selfie when you’re ugly


If I talk too you first or start the conversation chances are I’ve spent at least 1 hour contemplating whether I should or not


you haven’t replied in three minutes what did i do why do you hate me

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